July 9, 2017 - Moon rise over Columbia River at Sacajawea State Park near confluence of Snake and Columbia Rivers. During the summer of 1976 I started in St. Louis, MO and followed the Lewis and Clark route from there to Camp Station at the mouth of the Columbia River where it empties into the Pacific Ocean. My goal was to travel the entire route with no motorized power and for the most part I was able to accomplish that via a combination of walking, paddling the rivers on canoes and rafts, horseback, and bicycling. Due to the logistics of private ground ownership and other issues, I did have a few small stretches where I hitchhiked and caught short rides now and then, including from various law enforcement officials and vehicles :-) This summer I have been retracing parts of that journey and spent part of this week alone camping and paddling the rivers from the confluences of the Snake, Yakima, and Columbia Rivers and on down the Columbia for a way. Just as I found in 1976, the majority of folks encountered along the way (including various local, state, and federal law enforcement officials and game wardens) continue to be kind and helpful. As Homer said: "The journey's the thing." Wishing fellow humans around the world a joyful, fulfilling, and exciting journey on the paths you are choosing to explore.

Daniel Knight